Charity Art Auction Dinner
July 2010 at Traders Hotel, Penang

Lot The Artists  Auction Pieces



1. Hand-woven silkworm cloth and multicolor section dye scarf.
Total Qty: 2

*uses multicolor dyeing method, each piece is dyed for at least 3 times, may produce multicolor effects.

2. Curtain shade silk shawl,
total qty: 6
*Uses the interweaving of raw silk and silk to produce a translucent curtain shade effect. The stripe design having thickness difference produces wooden curtain effects.
*This work is among the 2009 Taiwan fine handicraft and is elected for the Fashionable prize.
*The scope of the creation is in Taiwan’s four seasons – spring, summer, autumn, winter.

*Spring: Yellowish green; Uses the seven mile fragrance dye ingredients to produce a light green color which resemble a sprout.
*Summer: Pink; using Dactylopius coccus Costa (an insect) dye ingredients. The Dactylopius coccus Costa dye ingredient is the most precious material among the natural dye ingredients, taking the pink Lotus flower petal as the scope, the Lotus blooms in summer and has a warm color tone to it, so it perfectly represents the summer season.
*Autumn: Orangish Red: Using the traditional Indian red dye – India Madder Root as the dye ingredient, using the color tone of orangish red which represents the autumn season as the scope.
*Winter: Purple; Using the purple color which has a cold flavor to it as the color scope for winter, the dye ingredient used is the Logwood, originated from Central America, produced in small quantity in South Taiwan, this illustrious dye ingredient may produce both black and purple color dye, the purple color is extremely rare in the nature, therefore it had become the king and aristocrat's color since ancient times.






Curently the President of Taiwan Fabri Art Society and Associate Professor of Fashion Design at Taiwan Shude University of Technology. Acclaimed the first family of Design Technology (Textile) in Taiwan. Authoring the ‘Encyclopedia of Taiwan natural Dyeing Art” and “Taiwan Textile and Embroidery Texhniques”


The Person in charge of Taiwan Natural Dye Art Workshop. Teaches natural dyeing art at the natural dye art centers in Tai Zhong- Hua Lian and Xin Pu at Taiwan. Author of two books on natural dye art,







December 1968 was born in Ningxia. Native of Dongpei of China Graduated from the Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts painting course. 1996 with the establishment of four educators Li Yueer painting studio in Ningxia. Yan Huang painting in 2005 joined the Institute of Shaanxi. Museum of Art in 2007 joined the Bund, Shanghai Art Ma Ye Hong Kong too. In 2008 joined the  Dadongfang Contemporary Art Center in Pudong, Shanghai.

Harmony, oil on canvas




來自福建大學藝術系,現時他在天趣國際藝術中心任職藝術主任,他崇尚明末清初八大山人朱耷的文人畫風,以傳統的氣韻再現當今的江南山石風光。燦峰深受撰寫《The Characteristics of this World》的俄羅斯女作家Marina Tsvetaeva所影響,認為藝術要有工匠的情操,透過手藝上的純熟而達致自我完善。

Chen Canfeng comes from Department of Fine Arts, The University of Fujian. Now, he works as an Art Officer at Art Of Nature International Company Limited. Chen Cangfeng cherishes the literati painting styles of Zhu Da, one of the “Eight Greatest Landscape Painters” between the Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasty. He endeavors to re-demonstrate the elegant visions of current Jiangnan landscapes with traditional spiritual essences. Chen Canfeng is deeply influenced by the philosophy of Marina Tsvetaeva, a Russian female writer who published “The Characteristics of this World”. He believes that, with adoration to the sentiments of artisans, spiritual perfection is achieved through a sophistication of craftsmanship.





Chan Kwun-nam comes from Department of Fine Arts, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He receives apprenticeship from Prof. Harold Mok Kar-leung, Prof. Vincent Tong Kam-tang and Prof. Zhou Jin in the aspect of Chinese landscape painting, Chinese calligraphy and Chinese art history. Chan Kwun-nam has just graduated from CUHK Fine Arts with a M-Phil research qualification. He will further his Ph-D studies in CUHK Fine Arts in the upcoming September. Chan Kwun-nam will exhibit four Chinese fans with literati paintings on their surfaces, namely “Reminiscing My Dream In Western Ponds”, “Zhou Zhuang’s Imaginations”, “Searching For Leisure From Southern Provinces” and “Ancient Temperaments of Wu Zhen”







Vincent Lee comes from Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University. He receives apprenticeship from Ms. Cho Yeou-jui in the aspect of oil painting. Now, Vincent works as an Art Officer at Art Of Nature International Company Limited. Vincent will exhibit two pieces of abstract oil paintings with contemporary elements, namely “The Fantasy of Swamp” and “Warmth from Honeycomb”. The aesthetic contents reflect his innermost pursuits on Chinese Confucianism and Catholicism.



Ma Yixing马艺星

Mayixing was Born in Shanghai in 1958. A native of Shanghai, he is now living in Shanghai. He studied art at early age and was known as an outstanding young talented painter of the Shandong Province. He studied oil painting at the China Academy of Fine Arts under the mentorship of Quan Shishan.  He was selected as one of the two best students of the Oil Painting Department. A prolific oil painting master, he has more than 800 artworks collected by public and private collectors. Currently he is a professional artist cum art consultant of Shanghai Zendai Group.








He Ming 何鸣(上海)

A resident artist of Da Dongfang Art Center, Shangai . Actively involved with exhibitions at the important art centers in Shanghai since 2002. including

2005-August, Group show at No 50, Moganshan Artists Village - Shanghai

2006-April 2nd Spring show of Xinghe Art Group ,The Bund Art Gallery, Shanghai.

2006- May, 3rd Spring Show of Xinghe Art Group ,Pudong Zendai Thumb

2007- October,"China & Korea Famous Artists Exhibition" The Oriental Pearl's Tower

2008- April " Neo Non Main Stream- Duo Solo Exhibitions - Ma Yising ( Installation ) & He Ming ( Oil paintings) , Jurongxuan 56 Art Galelry, Shanghai.


 2002年开始创办何鸣美术工作室(桂林)。大东方艺术家,曾经在上海举行多次画展包括以下: 20058月上海市莫干山50号联展








Liu YongBo 刘永波

Expert in portrait photography. Worked as artist in China Television

and a committee of television documentary academic committee.




Siti Mariah Jackson Sullivan (USA)

Born in Kedah, Malaysia. Rreceived a Textile Design and Art Teacher's Diploma from Mara Institute of Technology in Kuala Lumpur. During the 80's, took part in the Malaysian Art Examination Panel and taught art in teacher's colleges and public schools. In 1986 awarded a Malaysian Federal Teaching Scholarship by the Ministry of Education, to pursue a Master of Arts Degree (Art Education) at the University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois. Married a renowned artist/Professor Billy Mo06. In 2008 I married artist Brian J. Sullivan of Champaign.
For over thirty years she has branched out into many media, won several art awards and participated in many art exhibitions, locally, nationally, and worldwide as diverse as Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Australia and England. More than 400 of my artworks are in private and public collections throughout the world and the United Statesrrow Jackson and lived in Champaign. Mr. Jackson passed away in 20



出生于马来西亚。1978-79 在马来西亚工艺大学进修考获艺术教师文凭。曾任师范学院美术讲师。在1986获马来西亚联邦教育部教学奖学金赴美国伊利诺大学修艺术教育硕士,1988年毕业后和著名艺术家兼教授贝利摩路杰克逊结婚。2003年,夫妇共同创作了全彩色艺术类书籍,题为:在这个小岛上。杰克逊先生于2006年去世。2008年和艺术家布赖恩沙利文及婚。30多年来曾多次获得艺术大奖,经常参加世界各地艺术展览-如日本,韩国不同,中国,马来西亚,澳大利亚和英国。超过400副作品获世界各地和美国私人和公共机构典藏。